Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

I read this on FB yesterday.   The grammar leaves a lot to be desired, but for this post to be what I want it to be, I am going to pretend I hadn’t noticed.


Now, I know people like the homeless man on the station. People who have sacrificed a great deal of their life to work so that their spouse and children could have what they needed, even when the latter themselves are earning their own income. When friends were in need and they asked for help (sometimes even when they didn’t), there would be help without hesitation – whether financial or to house a needy family or take children of parents who couldn’t afford to, to school. These people would often cook more than was necessary and take the leftovers to people they knew had bare cupboards. These people loved their neighbor, often at cost of themselves.

The shoe is now on the other foot, and they are taking a great deal of strain for reasons I am not able to disclose, for respect of their confidence. The people who were often at their side, people who were like family are now conveniently nowhere to be seen, nor heard from. Hell, some are even family. It is heart breaking.

I am personally trying to assist where I can (as I too have been on the receiving end of their help) but quite honestly, my contribution is the proverbial drop in the bucket. I am not in a position to assist them financially, but I help out with food and run errands (as petrol is just becoming another unaffordable expense for them at this stage).

The question milling through my mind is Why is this happening to them? They are good people. If there was a scale that measured people deserving to be treated like shit, these people wouldn’t even be on it. They have loved, that is all. It just seems so unfair 😦

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