Sex and the City…and Dreams…

I haven’t really done much writing of late. Bad of me, I know. Especially when my biggest dream is to have my novel published. But, inspiration comes from the strangest of places, often when we least expect it.

So, there I was last night, huddled under my duvet, watching reruns of Sex and the City (which I will admit I never really followed when it was a hit in the 90’s) finding myself thinking that one of my other dreams is to have a book signing in NYC. So yeah, while I’m a short brunette on the wrong side of 35, I’m a little Carrie Bradshaw wannabe. But it wasn’t her, nor her shenanigans with Mr. Big that inspired me to write again; it was her friend Charlotte, with whom I am more akin. Charlotte is a short brunette, who is still a little chaste in her approaches to men and sex, and still quite a hopeless romantic. But it isn’t that similarity that got me writing again either, it was the fact that in one of the episodes I watched last night she opened her dream box for the first time in a long time.

I have a dream box, but it is filled with things that have no other place to be stored. Yes people, my dream box, is empty of dreams and filled with bric-a-brac, which quite honestly, if I haven’t looked for it in over a year, should be shipped out to the tip.

Unlike any members of the New York foursome who seem to have a good night’s rest (whether with a partner or not), I suffer from bouts of insomnia, and last night, was not different. The clock next to my bed taunts me with its flaming red digital figures, without fail at 03:12 every morning. Most times when this happens, I pray for sleep so that I am not a zombie at work, but last night instead I sat up thinking about my dreams. My real dreams. The ones so big they seem unachievable, the ones I should be striving for, the ones…that should be in the box.

In no particular order…

I dream about:

  1. Having enough money to finish my novel-writing course, completing my manuscript and getting it submitted to a publisher and see it on the shelves (okay, so that is a 4-in-1-dream).
  2. A book signing in NYC, where I shall sign every book with a Mont Blanc pen (another compound-dream).
  3. Tangoing in the cobblestone streets of Argentina with a dark, mysterious South American man.
  4. Owning a house big enough for me, a husband, a child. The house will have a flat so my parents can live safely and comfortably on the property.
  5. Driving a Mercedes Benz of a Lexus. Silver, with a dark grey interior.
  6. Holidaying in the Mediterranean and Europe, taking an Adriatic cruise too.
  7. Being in a position where I don’t have to work every day, so that I can get involved in large-scale charity projects.
  8. Owning property large enough to have a stray animal sanctuary.
  9. Working abroad – I had a telephonic interview for a position in the Cayman Islands before I landed the job I have now. I messed the interview up because I had no idea what questions to ask. Things might have been so different had I done things right back then. Who knows, I might have been able to have ticked off many of the other points above.
  10. Going wine tasting in Napa Valley.

These are only some of the dreams I have…I may need to invest in a bigger box!


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