Happy Birthday Jackie!

Today a very special friend of mine celebrates her birthday.

In all honestly, I haven’t really known her all that long – it’s a few days short of a year I think, but she is a great woman, with a huge, forgiving heart and a great mom to her two kids, even though her son lives with his dad. Oh, and as an added bonus, she bakes like a goddess. I believe there is red velvet cake on the birthday girl’s menu today.

Jackie, I know things have been hard the past year, and that there is no guarantee that this new year will be any different, but my birthday wish for you is to remember that you are special; that you make a difference and that you are loved. By many! Excitement awaits you as you stand on the threshold of realizing your dream of opening your own cake boutique, which I know is going to be a phenomenal success. May you find even more happiness with the man that stands at your side and may your children continue to make you proud. May you be healthy, hopeful, forgiving and filled with joy and may you have so many cake orders that you need more ovens!

Happy Birthday my Friend! This is your day – enjoy every single moment!

PS:  Seeing as I really suck at baking, I found you this cake on here.

jackie cake

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