Happy Birthday…to ME!

So, today is my birthday…and the Mid-Thirty Misfit, is going to soon have to consider a name change, given that the number of years I have behind me is the same as the number of tomatoes in a bottle of All Gold!

This year, I decided to do things a little differently, not wanting any gifts, despite having quite a few things on my wish-list.

I have found more happiness in knowing that I’ve made a difference in other people’s lives, and that people really do appreciate my unique “misfit-dom”.

One message I received this morning read, “May you have a wonderful day filled with joy and happiness. May Lord Jesus bless with you only the best and many more years too! Thank you for the genuine person that you are and for what you mean to everyone. You are wonderful, and definitely a gift from Above. Enjoy your day completely …and eat what you like, because today is your day! Love you lots…”

Another one I received read, “Thank you for the love and joy you spread into our lives.”

A colleague (who is also a good friend) called in mad panic, “I’m sorry I haven’t got you anything yet.”  It really didn’t matter to me and when I told her I didn’t really want a gift, she said, “Yes, but you’re important to me, my friend.”

A card received from my parents read, “You celebrate life each day with the simple way you live each moment – giving, and laughing, and caring so deeply. We wonder if you realize what an inspiration you’ve always been.”

I often look back and think “Why me? Why does my heart get trod on? Why do people take advantage of my good heart?” These feelings have overwhelmed me and sometimes I have been cynical and bitter as a result, but after these messages today, I realize something – that my heart, and my uniqueness is appreciated.

I am loved

And that…that is the best gift of all.

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