There are two things I want to share with you today…

We need to remember this. “The power of life and death are in the tongue. Those who love it will eat its fruit.” The words we speak carry incredible, supernatural power and our words have the ability to build up a person, or to break them down.


Yesterday, I went to drop off a gift that I’d made for Sonja’s mom, (Aunty) Penny’s birthday on my way to gym.. Not having spare ching around to go and buy a gift, or flowers, I decided to make her a Time Voucher. It is a simple gift, and as the name implies, it is a voucher which can be traded for time. In Sonja’s mom’s case, she can cash it in with me to give her a nice foot treatment. I’ve given out vouchers like this before and often, the receivers have never used them, which has left me feeling that they perceived it to be a lame idea. Sonja and her parents have been very kind to me the past few months and I felt that I wanted to give her something.

When I got in the car after a hard session, I saw a pending whatsapp. It was from Aunty Penny and it absolutely floored me, bringing me to tears.

“Thank you so very much of the incredible gift. It is by far one of the best gifts I have ever received. You are really a unique person. Thank you!!”

Those words of appreciation restored my faith in myself and being reminded that I’m unique was just what I needed. Too often, we as people, want to be like others. We were created to stand out.

Then, most of you’ve heard the adage “Everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.” This is something that I try very hard to do, and it is often not easy. I have a friend, Betty who I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting in person because she lives in Europe – we’re connected on social media and through other means. Her sister is ill with cancer. Every so often, I ask how her sister is and she talks. I am not able to do anything to help, except encourage her. Today it was laid in my spirit to write her an email and I did, reminding her too that while she may feel helpless, she is giving her sister the most priceless gift of all. Her time. I also told her that there are people that don’t even know her, who are praying for both her and her sister, and that the Holy Spirit is interceding on her behalf as written in Romans 8:26.

As I was by Aunty Penny’s response last night, Betty was at a loss for words to respond to my message, because she honestly didn’t know what to say, and because her English isn’t good (as she says). It is a lot better than my ability to speak her language.

So, use your words for good. To encourage and uplift. To speak life. Not only into your own life, but into the lives of others. Never underestimate how a simple, “Hello” coupled with a smile, or a “You look pretty today” or “I love you” can impact someone.

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