One of THOSE people…

I am one of those people. You know… the ones that actually have everything they need every day for all five categories of the Maslow hierarchy to be covered. And yes, I know I’ve blogged about it before…

But still. I am one of those people…the ones that have champagne tastes and a beer budget (and when I say beer, I’m not talking about expensive craft ales, I’m talking your run-of-the-mill-barley-hops-and-water). I am reminded of this fact often, but even more so at this time of the year, when some of my friends ask me to send them a wish list of items I’d like for my birthday. Make no mistake, I know what I want, and while some of them can afford what I’d like, I don’t have the balls to ask, because I have in the past, got what I asked for and then felt extremely guilty for it, because I would never be able to purchase an extravagant gift like I’d received for someone else. Simply because while I have all the necessary Maslow-magafters ticked off, including a job I enjoy, once all the other needs are met with the salary from said job, luxuries such as:

a bottle of Oscar de la Renta perfume or;

Narciso Rodriguez perfume (which is the extravagant gift I received – from a client two years ago) or

A spa-day (the whole shebang, from head to toes, and then some) or

A decent hairstyling (I’m talking more than just your average cut ‘n blow here) or

Sexy, yet stylish underwear or

London-landmark bedding don’t exactly or

A weekend away with some close friends or

A Bottle of Plaisir de Merle or

Decent training shoes or

New clothes or

Jacobs Coffee or

Nutella or

Twinings tea or

A night out with The Four Davids

The balance of my writing-course paid up

are unaffordable. Grossly so.

I’m sure some of you are looking at this list thinking, “Good grief, Woman, you’re moaning about trivialities such as a bottle of wine, or a duvet cover when there are people that don’t even have clean, sanitary water to drink, nor a tatty old blanket to ward off the winter chill. You should be ashamed of yourself!” Like I said, I am one of those people – I like expensive things. It doesn’t mean I am heartless. I am grateful for everything I have because it is out of God’s graceful hand.

Earlier this week, my roommate, Sonja, decided that it was time she had an image makeover.   Not that she needs one. She is one of the prettiest women I know, with a personality to match her incredible looks. Anyhow, she threw a whole bunch of clothes out, making me try on just about everything. Some things were too small and some were just to “young” for me. I found quite a few things that fitted well and which really looked good. I took two items I liked that were too small as motivation to get back into shape. So for now “New clothes” I suppose, can be ticked off the list. I have new items of clothing to wear to work, which is great. What I didn’t take Sonja will haul off to the charity shop or the women’s shelter. Someone, in need, will get good use of them. I’ve decided to follow her example and clear out my cupboards too. There are things there that I have hung on to for way to long. Way. Too. Long! So, like the takkies that I’ve been pledged, my old clothes will become someone’s new ones.

Part of my job involves the updating of various social media platforms we are on, including Instagram. So, yesterday, while squizzing through the various feeds we follow I came across designer, Alexander Wang’s contribution to the @dosomething campaign. I went to check it out and while it is a campaign aimed at high school kids getting involved in various projects through volunteerism, I didn’t see why we can’t get involved too. People very seldom want to offer their time to stuff like this, so I pitched the idea of a pet-food collection for the local SPCA, which is being considered. Every year we are involved in a local charity Christmas shoebox project for less-fortunate children. It always causes a huge buzz round the office. It may not make sense when I say this, but I feel like I’m being called to get more involved in community projects in some way.

So yes, while I really would love to have the stuff on my wish-list for my birthday, I think I’m going to do something different this year…I have invited many of my friends and family and asked that instead of a gift, they should bring something they no longer use (an old item of clothing, an old towel, an old blanket) or a tin of food (human or pet), or a cash donation as one of the local churches has “tickets” for the homeless shelter. I have a feeling my 18th, 18th birthday is going to be really great one!  Who knows?  Maybe this will be the year that my taste change and I “unbecome” one of those people…

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