Mamma Mia! The Misfit Rambles again…

A while ago Robyn invited some other colleagues and I to take in a show that was being presented by her daughter’s high school. I didn’t need much convincing when she said it was a rendition of Mamma Mia. I absolutely love ABBA. It doesn’t matter how old, or young you are, their music is always a party starter.

The production, based on the hit-movie, was very well put together, with a stellar cast, dancers and orchestra.


One of the young men who portrayed the role of Sam Carmichael reminded me so much of Malcolm. I can’t pinpoint what specifically about Sam it was, but at various points during the show I kept seeing a young Malcolm. Part of me was heart sore, but for the most part, I had a feeling of peace that Malcolm is happy in heaven, smiling down on all of us.

I sang along to all the songs, and even shed quite a few tears during the scene where Donna helps Sophie get ready for the wedding while singing Slipping through my fingers. As I get older I am more aware of the fact that the time I have with my parents is slipping through my fingers. Jarrod and I were chatting a while ago about youth being wasted on the young and last night I was once again reminded of this truth – when we’re small children, our parents seem so old, when we’re teens we feel that they don’t know anything and are only trying to cramp our style and when we hit our mid-thirties we actually become aware of our own mortality and that of our parents. Time in itself is precious, but time gifted to us to spend with our parents is even more so. Pity we sometimes realize it too late.

Anyhow, before this turns into a melancholy post, which is not at all the intention, some other random news from this misfit…

My writing-course fund is growing …slowly…looks like it may be another year (or maybe longer!) until I get to do the course and in so doing, following my dream. In the meantime I am still writing every now and then and staying positive, and grateful. I have got two names for the annual Christmas shoebox project and have decided to write each of the little girls a letter, which I will include with their gifts. I want to make their boxes really special with my scrapbooking goodies, seeing as they are not being used for their intended purpose. Most of the supplies went into the memory jars I made as Christmas gifts last year, but there is still quite a bit I can work with. The creativity does me the world of good.

With the summer holidays in Europe, my clients are obviously not at work, so I am catching up on necessary admin and filing. I am glad for the quiet time to get these things done, but man, it is as if the filing reproduces during the night. I’m sure I’m not the only office worker who feels like this, and I’m sure I won’t be the last either. My boss also has me involved in a new campaign where my writing skills and creative thinking are put to good use. I am so blessed to work for a company where my individuality is accepted and where my skills are appreciated. Above that, I have colleagues that are like family – I mean, who has amazing colleagues like I do, that invite them to an ABBA show?

Anyway Chiquititas, I best be off – the filing seems to be multiplying again.

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