The Four Davids

I am in dire need of a spa day – preferably one that is in the forest or the bush, where I can recharge my batteries.  If I can’t have that, I’d settle for a nice new hair-look.  I coloured my hair over the weekend and mom and I tried to put some highlights in, but the result, while not at all bad, is not what I had in mind.  The “moon-boot” for my stupid ankle set me back more than just a few pretty pennies, so a visit to any kind of salon is going to be out for at least six months, sadly.  But, with that said, I have a lot to be thankful for, so I will shelve the complaints and give thanks for the blessings.  What I take for granted, someone may be praying for…
I was chatting to my room-mate over a bottle of wine on Sunday night.  It was a Two Oceans Pinot Noir, and it was quite smooth.  I’m not entirely sure how exactly how we got onto the subject of celebrity crushes, but we did.  She is totally besotted with Channing Tatum (as are a number of my other friends).  Sure, he’s quite hot, but as I’ve said before – I’m a sucker for a guy in a suit or a uniform.  What was funny is that there have been four Davids that I’ve thought were amazing.
When I was still at school, I was mad about David Duchovny.  My best friend at the time, Natalie, boarded with us and thought I was daft to have cut-out pictures of him all over my wall, whereas she had posters of Nirvana, The Cranberries and other alternative bands on her side of the room.  One of my cousins, Mark, who was crazy about Natalie and who often visited us always used to tease me about my fascination with this specific David, calling him “David-do-cover-me”, which would have me blushing every single time.
As time moved on, my obsession with aliens momentarily disappeared and I fell in love with murder and the forensic investigation and coupled with my attraction to gingers, I developed a crazy crust on David Caruso.  Elizabeth, who I’ve blogged about before, was my best friend then (and still is).  We’ve been like sisters for going-on fifteen years.  All she would says to me is “No man MTM, he is gross…”  I watched some episodes of NYPD Blue after CSI: Miami, and I will admit, the allure was gone.
Fast forward to 2005.  I went to Cape Town to stay with my friends Lydia and Lance.  Lydia was a keen blogger in those days and often made reference to Doctor Who.  At the risk of sounding totally stupid I asked them what Doctor Who was and they were only too happy to introduce me to what has become one of my favourite fandoms.  My favourite Doctor was the tenth, David Tennant, who, in the series has an Estuary English accent.  I only discovered later, that he is in fact a Scot. Okay, so he isn’t drop-dead gorgeous, but his accent…that, that has me weak in the knees.  The fact that he is an alien (Time-Lord, to be exact), with two hearts makes him all the more awesome.
Back to murder and forensics…the fourth, and last (and by no means least, au contraire) David I have (yes, present tense) a celebrity crush on is David Boreanaz, aka Special Agent Seely Booth in the popular series Bones.  He has aged like a fine Bordeaux.  Now, Elizabeth and I very seldom agree on men.  She has always said that I have shit taste in men, but this is one man we both agree about.
So, who are your celebrity crushes?   I would love to hear!

4 thoughts on “The Four Davids

  1. theonlycin April 1, 2015 / 12:29 pm

    Colin Firth … but them I am MUCH older than you 🙂

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