Today I am Being a Blessing…

…This saying has often struck a chord with me:

Greatest Test

but even more so today when I was contacted by a very dear friend, Coco, of mine in the United States.

She and her family have been to hell and back in the past few months.  She had a nasty fall down a flight of stairs last year which resulted in a broken neck.  During her eight month recovery period, she only received half her day’s wages.  To add, if you’ll pardon the pun, insult to injury, her husband had to have an emergency operation in May too last year and was subsequently laid off.  They have three children, and four-legged family members too.  Understandably they’re taking strain. Lord knows, I would be if I were in their shoes.  But it gets worse…

Coco has what many women do – an (abusive) ex-husband, who, up until he himself got remarried and quit his job, was paying for the house in which Coco and her family were living.  Now, thanks to his “I couldn’t give a damn” attitude and cruel nature, they are facing destitution and a life in a shelter, or worse, the streets if they don’t raise $6000 before June 9th, this year.  Coco has explained to me that in an attempt to keep their heads above water, they have depleted their savings and maxed out all available credit lines.  I personally know what it is like to be in that situation, but I have never had to face the possibility of not having a roof over my head.  It is probably because I can empathise with them that I understand them taking the route of fundraising.  As many of you know, I am also running a fundraiser for my writing course, but that is a luxury compared to the fundamental necessity of them keeping their house!

I know we all have commitments, but we have the possiblity to be a blessing to another human being, while going through our own storm.  If any of you feel moved to assist them, please visit this link for more details.  Coco is happy to discuss the situation with anyone who may have questions.

Let’s stand together and help a deserving family…

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