There Will ALWAYS be Haters…

**Quick prologue to put those of you who read my blog, but don’t know what I’m referring to with this post, in the picture.  

A friend of mine started a Facebook page for me, called Help Priscilla Make Her Dream Come True, in an attempt to raise funds so that I can complete my novel-writing course and get my manuscript publishing-ready.  I posted a link to the page this morning on a local Facebook page, and received a hypercritical reply from one of the administrators on the group.  I am not only sad, I’m angry.  She doesn’t know what my circumstances are.  Who is she to judge me?  So, I thought I’d post this on my blog and simply send her the link. **

Dear Rude, Pejorative Group Admin,

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  There will always be haters.  There will always be people, who, without knowing me think it is okay to make a snap judgement from my edited lifestyle on Facebook and then still have the nerve to say, “You don’t look like you’re struggling.”  Sorry, what?!  In the first instance, I prefer to put the HAPPY things on Facebook, rather than bitch and moan about what I don’t have.  The things you see there are not necessarily things I’ve paid for either.  And secondly, if you’ll excuse me madam, you are not even from our local little sleepy-hollow town!  I can internet stalk too, you know?!  Go ahead and judge me from your Ivory Tower in Gauteng.  Please.  Because I’m relatively sure you probably earn at least three times what I do and probably have a husband to support you.  Sorry dear, but I don’t have that luxury.

But I do have a dream.  And I, just like anyone else, deserve the opportunity to make that dream a reality.  You on the other hand, seem to think it is your right to tramp on that dream.  If you have children and they have what seems to be an impossible dream that they may need help in realizing, I hope that you will remember your hateful, judgmental attitude of today.

It may not seem as if I’m not making ends meet, but here’s news for you – I had to get a room mate because I simply couldn’t afford the rent on my home alone anymore.  This constitutes 20% of my salary.  So, no rent, no roof over my head, and then, as you very plainly called me a BEGGAR today, this would actually become a truth, more than a simple surmising of the few facts you have at hand! I have to own a car, to get to my job, simply because we have no public transport system, as you do in the big city, so that is another 20% of my salary.  For that car to run, something called fuel is required.  That too costs money.  And then of course, let’s not forget utilities.  I am fortunate enough to be able to afford a medical aid, which in my case is a necessity given various health ailments, but again, to you I don’t look like I’m struggling.  I’m sure you’re an intelligent woman, so you quickly do the math, 40% to car and home, maybe another 15% to fuel, 15% to utilities and another 20% to medical aid – these are all necessary things for me to simply survive.  Do you notice that there is only 10% left for food and luxuries?  That is why I am trying to have a sideline business too, which thanks to your snap judgement and blocking of me on a group I quite frankly as a local feel you shouldn’t even be administrating in the first place, I now can’t advertise.

But go ahead – stomp on my dream, call me any number of names you like.  You sound like a narrow-minded, sad character in the book I’m writing.  Yes, the one, my friend started the fundraiser for to complete and have published.  Remember that writers get their revenge in print, just as I am right now!

You validly point out that I could very well be standing on the street corner with a collection tin, and then pose the question “How is this different from what you are doing? Facebook is a community and the groups are its streets.”  The difference, in my humble beggar’s opinion, is this:  NOwhere have I forced anyone to make a pledge.  I have asked and some people have opened their hearts and to each and every one I have publicly said thank you.  How often have YOU helped someone begging on the street and received more complaint about your donation than gratitude that you’d actually made one?  So thank you, you have opened my eyes to the fact that while there are people worse off than I am (who, believe it or not, I try to help with the meager 10% of what is left after the necessities are seen to), I at least don’t try to crush anyone’s dreams, even less so with a disparaging attitude.

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