From Many Moons Ago…(no Pun Intended)

In 2009 which I was still actively blogging, a challenge was given out to our blogging community to write something about Music.  This morning as I was sipping my morning tea in my flat, I could hear the waves lapping the shore and so I thought I would re-post the piece I wrote back then.  The picture I’ve included was not the inspiration used at the time, but when I Googled an image to include, this one simply spoke to me.


Nature’s music…

Perfect harmony

A symphony of raindrops

Can be heard on the roof

At first the pitter-patter

Is very soft, pianissimo

But as the drops turn to hail

The repetitive rata-tat-tat

Becomes deafeningly loud, a crescendo


As the conducting Moon

Changes phases

So too does its sonata with the waves

The adagio lapping of the shores

Hastens, accelerando, accelerando

To become a crashing march on the sand

In 28 days, the refrain will begin again

©Mid-Thirty Misfit

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