I’m not entirely sure what just happened…

…but I think I left my body for a few moments…you know, that whole I’m-on-the-outside-looking-in-thing?  Except you’re looking at yourself?  I feel this incredible urge to write all of a sudden – that, if I don’t, I may very well lose my mind.

The only way I describe what I felt is an overwhelming sadness that washed over me, like an icy hand gripping the deepest recesses of my soul, freezing it in a what-felt-like-forever-but-was-just-a-moment of sheer blackness; endless darkness.  Had it not been for my boss stepping into my office offering me his handkerchief, I would have not been released from my reverie.  I feel foolish, but my boss didn’t say anything.  He simply closed my door and the tears silently flowed, staining my cheeks as they trickled onto my chest.

icy grip

Overwhelmed by an Unknown Emotion





Stealthily Silent

Silently Scary

Scarily Overwhelming

Overwhelmingly Quick

Gripped by ice

My heart of light

Is utterly blindsided

Its flame extinguished

Chilling darkness takes hold

Slowly choking my hope

Freezing my sunny disposition

Into an unwelcome abyss

“Where now?” my souls asks

“Why now?!” my mind screams

The darkness is enveloping me

Salty tears must bring relief…

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