Have You Ever Been in Love?

Today Paul would have been 47 … you may be gone my Wizard, but you are not forgotten.

Reflections of a Misfit

Some time ago, I took my CD wallet out of my car and forgot where I put it. This isn’t an unusual thing for me to do – I never put my keys in the same place twice, nor do I get dressed in the same sequence twice. It’s one of those quirks that is individual to a few others like me. So, when I didn’t find the CD wallet to put it back in my car, I just wrote a few MP 3 discs, which, up until recently were what I listened to in the car.

Out of the blue, I found the wallet again and have thus been rehashing some of the CD’s in it. There are some good memories there and some music that I can’t believe I ever listened to, let alone, enjoyed. One CD, or rather, song on a particular CD had me so reflective…

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