RIP Wilma…

I haven’t blogged for quite some time; I simply haven’t had the time, nor the inclination if I be really honest, but today, my blog is the only outlet for the heartache I’m feeling inside.

On Saturday night I received a message from my boss that someone I’ve dealt with daily for almost two and a half years passed away unexpectedly. Wilma was only fifty something.
While I hadn’t had the privilege of meeting her in person, my heart broke.

I posted about it on Facebook and received a reply from fellow blogger Browniegirl that she was sorry to hear about the loss. I told her that I’d never actually met the lady that had died, and her reply was, “It is often those people who touch our lives in more ways than others that we DO meet…”

Those words gave me chills, because they are so true. In this day and age, where social networking has become the norm, it is not unusual to have forged bonds with people one has never actually met in the physical realm. I can think of a number of people in my life to whom this statement applies. I will even go further and categorically state that I feel a profound sense of sadness when something bad happens to these “friends”.

I’m not sure if I will be able to attend the Wilma’s memorial service, but I’m feeling an emptiness in my heart today. I know that when the phone rings, it isn’t going to be her calling to ask about my weekend, or tell me a good joke.

Wilma, you were a shining light to me, and I know you’re shining in Heaven now.

You are missed!

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