Spring is Slowly Springing…

My Muse has been in hibernation. We’ve had an extremely wet, cold, windy winter, but at last it seems that Spring is slowly springing. The sun is rising earlier and the birdsong is audible. Soon the sun will be up early enough to take a pre-shower-pre-work walk on the beach, and some Sundays will warrant an ice-cream cone down at the promenade over a game of putt-putt, or, as is the case this past Sunday, a nature hike.

Eliza sent me a text message last week saying she wasn’t sure if Carmen had already spoken to me about taking a walk with them, but that if I wanted to, I was more than welcome. I was under the impression that it would be Carmen, Ewan, Eliza and her hubby Nick, and I. It turned out that there was a dozen of us doing this Sunday stroll…

We all set off from Carmen and Ewan’s house to Wilderness, which is about a 40 minute drive from us. We set off on a trail called the Half Collared Kingfisher Trail which later split off onto the Greater Kingfisher Trail, at the end of which is a waterfall – our actual destination. Maintaining a steady pace, we got to the waterfall (3.6 Km – a smidgeon over 2 miles) in just over an hour.

As we began a comfortable climb, this was our view. How blessed we are to live in such a beautiful part of the world!

As our walk progressed, we had to cross the river…on a pont! This led to great deals of laughter, but thankfully, we all made it across without anyone ending up in the chilly river.

Here we are, not paying any attention to Ewan’s instructions…

Later we came to the split in the path and headed off along this route:

Once we’d arrived at the waterfall, we all took out our packed lunches and sat in the sunshine, soaking up the Vitamin D. The guys of course, wanted to climb higher, or go swimming, but us gals, being the clever creatures we are, remained on Terra Firma. Ewan was the first to toss his shirt and brave the icy water. Joe, who wasn’t intent on swimming, slipped on a rock and fell in, clothes and all. I simply opted for a photo at the waterfall…

After about an hour, we headed back toward the car – another 3.2 Km (2 Miles) and I’m pleased to report that I didn’t huff and puff once – being15 Kg’s (33 lb) lighter has obviously made a huge difference.

My next post won’t be in a month…I’m already drafting it, so…watch this space!

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