Insults Injure

I pinched this picture from a friend on Facebook.

The sad thing is that, as true as I would like this sentiment to be in my life, I am easily insulted and hurt, whether I value a person’s opinion or not. It’s simply because I have an incredible yearning to be liked, and that is because I have so much love to give… Probably a fault in many people’s eyes, but in mine, it is an asset. So many people are fighting some kind of battle and if a smile or kind word from me can help, then I’m happy to help.

Many of you know that since November last year, I have been following a strict gym and eating regime – and as a result of my dedication, I have dropped a dress size and lost 9.6 Kg (or just a little over 21 lbs). I am very possibly in the best shape I have been since my school days, and I feel rightfully entitled to show my new found figure off. So yesterday I dressed in a halterneck top, with literally a centimeter of clevage showing in the front and went out with Mom to the casino. An oldish (I guess about 60) man I don’t know from Joe Soap commented to someone that I know there, about my breasts (and he wasn’t exactly polite in his compliment either). I was so insulted – I felt so cheap, so I replied somewhat adamantly, “Thanks for your comments on my breasts, but they have f*** all to do with you.” Apparently he is one of the richest blokes in our town, so he must think that makes his behaviour acceptable. Actually quite tragic that money can’t buy class…

On a lighter note, I came second at the poker last night 🙂

Today fortunately went off without any insults. Mom, Aunty Carol, Elizabeth and I went to the mall for a girl’s day. Mom bought me two new tops and a pretty purple lace hairband. We went to a local café and had a brunch – I had the most divine rye sandwich, filled with roast chicken, honey-glazed bacon, avocado, pecan nuts and rocket. Aunty Carol and Mom had a good time, they spent a lot of time laughing. Sometime I look at the dynamics of their sibling relationship, or that of Elizabeth and her sisters and I think that as an only child I’ve been short-changed in some areas. Fortunately Elizabeth’s sisters have opened themselves to me and made me an official sister of their hearts.

Monday looms, and with it new challenges. I’m looking forward to it!

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