Creative Writing: Good vs Evil

This was a piece I wrote in February 2009.  It was based on Marc Chagall’s painting, titled La Mariee.  It was written on my interpretation of the painting.



Bloodied Bride

In the pits of hell she walks
Her once-pure-white wedding dress
Tainted with dry, maroon blood

For her child to lead a normal life
She must offer herself in sacrifice
To live eternally damned

He smiles with evil glee
Goat-like devil, groom of damnation
Her master in hell forevermore

Her eyes are dead
Her soul lost
Her child no longer in danger…

His lungs fill with unassisted air
For the first time since the accident
That killed his father

He and Mom had just married
She tried to help
But his stomach was eviscerated

She died giving him CPR
She thought she would get time
To make a decision

Regarding her salvation
But she never did
Everything died that day…

One thought on “Creative Writing: Good vs Evil

  1. Louise December 14, 2011 / 8:38 pm

    I rate all your work 5/5!

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