Dead Quiet, I know…

I haven’t been feeling the blogging thing for quite some time now, but I’m still reading others. I still have three parts of the About Me Challenge to finish, but I will get to that when I feel like it. For now, I just want to pop in and share something…

The past few weeks my life has changed somewhat. I cut myself off from my anti-depressants cold-turkey and while I know it was not the best thing to do (I’m picking up the mood swings and snap-rages again), I am starting to see the person I was before the pills. I am striving for self-control and yes, it is damn hard, but I know I can do it.

I joined the gym about three weeks ago and much to my surprise I am really enjoying it! I had a total misconception of what it would be like to go to gym – I thought it would be all these skinny people, looking down on my rotund little body, but it’s not. In fact, everybody seems to be on their own mission, so they don’t really bother with me. My fitness consultant is a great bloke. Even if he’s busy with other clients, he will make a conscious effort to say hello and pop in some kind of motivation toward me. I am very chuffed to report that I have lost over 3 Kg’s already. My body shape is still round, but my clothes are fitting better. The hard work is paying off.

Anyway, that isn’t what I wanted to share:

I had a serious financial mishap earlier this month which left me R3000 short! I could easily have turned to my parents, whom I know would have helped without hesitation, but I feel too that it isn’t fair. So I cried in Elizabeth’s ears telling her that I don’t know what I’m going to do. She offered me a R500 loan, which I declined because it wasn’t remotely enough to help. Moments after putting the phone down, I received a call from the lady at the bank who deals with my account. She said that I qualify for an overdraft increase – the amount…R3300! I was stunned, so much so that I began to cry. I always thought that miracles only happen to other people, but that call, was a miracle and an answer to a prayer! Since then it is as if my eyes have been open wider – I am seeing the small things that I so often take for granted, and I’m realizing that they are blessings.

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