Drunk Dialing…

One of my favourite bloggers, Cindy blogged about a telephone conversation that went a tad pear-shaped.

Inspired by her post, I would like to share a story of Elizabeth’s with you.

She had gone to bed somewhat early one Saturday night courtesy of a migraine headache.  At some ungodly hour her phone woke her up (due to certain work requirements, she is not allowed to switch her phone off) and she didn’t recognize the number.

She answered, obviously irritated, “Elizabeth hello…”

On the other end was a bloke, evidently drunk.

“Nico, Nico, I love you man, Nico!”

“This is not Nico, this is Elizabeth.”

“What are you doing with Nico’s phone?  What did you do with Nico?  Where’s Nico?  Nico!  Nico, I love you man!”

Realizing that she was wasting her energy trying to reason with the bloke on the other end, she put the phone down on his ear.


I have done a similar thing…

My parents had gone away on one of their week long trips and I wasn’t in the mood for my own company, but I was in the mood for a hot bath and a glass of wine, preferably together.  The longer I lay engulfed in the hot bubbly water, the thirstier I became, to the point that I had polished off the entire bottle of wine in the bath.

I remember making a call from my cell phone and chatting to a guy friend on the other end.  Only when the account arrived at the end of the month did I realize who I had called…

…a friend of mine in IRELAND.

The call cost me a small fortune.  Subsequently my international roaming has been cancelled…

Too much wine and cell phones definitely don’t go together 😉


4 thoughts on “Drunk Dialing…

  1. adeeyoyo March 11, 2011 / 11:04 am

    LMAO – teach you, eh?

  2. Cindy March 11, 2011 / 11:23 am

    (I’ve learned to switch my phone OFF as I pour a second glass!)
    ps: Thanks for saying I’m one of your fave bloggers, love you. xxx

  3. Mid-Thirty Misfit March 11, 2011 / 1:38 pm

    Oh Cin, I commented on Lyndsay’s FB status this morning – she says she thinks phones should come with breathalyzers that enable them to automatically switch off automatically after one too many.

    And you ARE one of my favourite bloggers 🙂 Love you too xxx

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