Taking Each Day as it Comes

I know that I’ve been quiet…it’s par for the course these days.  The process of recovery is going to take a long time, but I have decided to take each day as it comes.  Expecting too much or trying too hard is going to make things worse, not better.

I trotted off to the farm on Friday to hand in my official resignation and clear out my desk.  Saying goodbye to the staff in the packhouse, and my trainer was harrowing.  Those ladies, despite my short time working with them, really crept into my heart.  We have laughed together, celebrated births of their children, even cried together, but all in all, the memories are bright beacons. 

Jenna, as is her nature, invited me to have a drink with her after work, but her day dragged on forever, so we ended up going to her house for a two-hour long coffee-drinking session.  She is going to be someone that I will really miss too.  She is a rough diamond, and while she is quite a bit younger than I am, I admire her.  Linda in accounts sends me a text message often, just to find out how I am.  Sandra wasn’t happy to hear about my intentions to leave, but I think she was suspecting it.  When I went to see her on Wednesday night, she was quite understanding, but her demeanour on Friday was different.  I suppose, like me, she has mixed feelings about the situation.  I will be going into the farm again later this week to meet with Paula, the HR manager from head office, just to have my exit interview.

While at Jenna’s on Friday, the FWB gave me a call, wanting to make a turn.  He was audibly inebriated, so I told him while I wanted to see him, I would prefer him to be sober.  He didn’t pitch for which I was quite grateful.  My life is complicated enough at the moment, without me having to deal with a drunk man.

Saturday night I went over to Elizabeth’s house – we had a braai for her birthday.  Even a simple braai has some complication attached.  A friend of ours, Yasmin, is really into a guy that was at school with Elizabeth, and Elizabeth knows for a fact this chap bats for the boys.  Do we tell Yasmin or not?  Elizabeth’s nature is to nurture and protect, so the chances are she will say something; how Yasmin will take the news is another kettle of fish all together…

Yesterday morning we woke up bright and early and went through to Buffalo Bay where my parents were camping with mom’s sister and her hubby to join them for a good ol’ fry up.  The campsite was right on the beach and the weather was beautiful.  Coming home we rode in the campervan with Aunty Carol and Uncle Bryan, which was an adventure all on its own.

Yesterday afternoon Elizabeth convinced me to take part in the Blackjack tournament at the casino, and after three gruelling heats and a very stressful final, I walked away with first prize, R1230.  I gave Mom, Dad and Elizabeth each some of the loot and have put the rest away for a rainy day.

So, it is the start of a new week, and I am taking each day as it comes…

6 thoughts on “Taking Each Day as it Comes

  1. Cindy November 22, 2010 / 11:30 am

    Baby steps, the beginning of healing.
    I think about you a lot.

    • Mid-Thirty Misfit December 4, 2010 / 7:25 pm

      Thanks Cin – I get a surge of good vibes every day 🙂

  2. viewfromtheside November 22, 2010 / 1:07 pm

    As Cindy says – baby steps.

    The meds help, but aren’t enough on their own. Plenty of sleep and enough exercise out and about are also needed.

    There will be days when getting out of bed is just too difficult, and days when you wonder what it was all about. Ups and downs, so don’t get desperate over the downs.

    • Mid-Thirty Misfit December 4, 2010 / 7:26 pm

      Hi Sidey – thanks for the advice. I have had a few of both types of days you have mentioned. I just take them as they come.

  3. Adeeyoyo November 22, 2010 / 5:02 pm

    Thanks for keeping us in the picture, MTM. Take care. 🙂

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