Miley Cyrus sings a song called G.N.O, which is the apparent acronym for Girls’ Night Out. Ironically enough there is nothing in the lyrics of the song about the sleep-deprivation-hangover that usually follows – especially if one is on a G.N.O. with Rachel, although honestly, this wasn’t a planned G.N.O. It just turned out that way…

The past week I’ve mentioned our plans to go dancing…well, the evening started out disasterously slow, thanks to the rugby team we support, the Stormers, losing the Super 14 title to the Blue Bulls.

She pitched up just after 19:30, armed with her ever-trusty Russell Hobbs straightener and tamed my unruly mane into a sleek do that would qualify me for a Pantene hair commercial instantly.

We headed off to the club where we had agreed, and reconfirmed with our friends the previous day to meet us. Well, neither Warren, Aaron, nor Edith and her boyfriend pitched up. We eventually popped onto our other local haunt thinking that they may have misunderstood us, but they too weren’t there. We opted for a drive through town and eventually, like stalkers, drove past the others’ houses – only to discover zero activity. This led us to think that they may have overindulged during the rigorous exercise of rugby-team-support. That still left us without partners to dance – and while we’re generally not shy to ask the single men to dance, there were just too many strange creatures out last night.

But…as always, Rachel had a contingency plan. Yip, the proverbial plan B. She phoned a chap she had met through work, Mark, who DJ’s at a well known place about 25 Km’s from town. He told us to hop in the car and meet him there – he would see to zero cover charge (yay, considering we’d already paid to go into both the other places and not really had any kind of value for money).

We arrived and immediately a young, student like chap leapt out of the DJ box to bid us hello – turns out he is Mark’s sidekick-of-sorts, Fred. He directed us to Mark’s den and Rachel did the necessary introductions. I have good fun with her when she introduces me to her Afrikaans guy-mates, because I always give them a blank stare when they tell me “aangename kennis” (translated: pleasure to meet you), and she proceeds to tell them I’m English and immediately they hear “British” and for a while, the game will carry on while I eavesdrop on the coversation and get a feeling for what the guy is actually like.

Fred wanted to dance with Rachel, but Mark jumped the queue and so I danced with Fred, who by this time had realized I was fully bilingual, but I asked him not to let the cat out of the bag quite just yet, because I was quite enjoying this little charade. He told me the fact that I can langarm (paired dancing as it is referred to here in South Africa) was a dead giveaway. I told him to remember I have apparently visited South Africa a number of times and that is the reason why I can langarm with the best of the boere (Afrikaner nation). He also told me that Rachel has something…because Mark hasn’t danced with anyone in about four months. Ironically enough, Mark isn’t really her cup of tea, and definitely mine.  He has graying temples, ice-blue eyes and he smells absolutely amazing.  Quite edible, in fact.

At last Mark asked me to dance, and it was magic. He dances quite well, although I must admit he tends to hold quite tight around the waist. And eventually it happened…he asked, “Is jy van Engeland?” to which I gave no obvious reply, and he backtracked, “so, are you from England?” I let us a roaring laugh and answered him in his mother tongue (with no evident accent) and he was stunned. He didn’t mind having the joke on him, because he was going to pay back the favour quite soon. Rachel and I both got to dance with a few other singles and then alas, the club shut its doors at midnight. And no, it’s not called the Cinderella Club…

Now fueled by our itchy feet, we told Mark we were heading off to George (even further from our originally planned club) to continue there. He told us that he would meet us there (as he lives in George). Gentlemanly enough, he drove with us all the way and then made (what we thought to be) a dodgy detour, so we went the regular route. We got to the club, which was packed and waited and waited, but no Mark…yet. Rachel tried to call him, but got the tin-voice instead. After about 15 minutes, she tried again, this time only to get ringing upon ringing, so she sent him a text wanting to know where he was. By the time we left the club this morning at 04:30, it still hadn’t been delivered.

A guy, kitted out very proudly in his Blue Bulls shirt started chatting to Rachel like they were old friends, so I assumed they were. Turns out she didn’t know him from Joe Soap, but he spent the whole evening with us chatting and dancing. He even warded off some more-scary-than-the-first-clubs-creatures. He told us his name was Patrick, but his somewhat inebriated friend divulged his secret telling us his name is Kyle. As I happened to glance over to the bar, I saw Mark, with some doll-faced girl. Immediately Rachel and I were both quite unamused, but we held our cool. I headed off to the powder room and upon my return Rachel tells me, “he had the audacity to introduce me to her. Her name is Linda.” I was equally hacked off, but for different reasons, obviously. As the night progressed Kyle and Rachel became more comfortable with each other and Mark and Linda were in my constant line of vision…

Just after 2 AM, Jessie James (the link is from my old blog) walked into the club, gave me a huge hug and we did some very-quick catching-up. I went to the powder room again, only to run into Mark, two drinks in hand, so I said, “fancy seeing you here. You’re an alcoholic in the making if you’re drinking two drinks at the same time.” He kind of fumbled his reply, “the one is for the girl I’m dancing with.” I told him he owed me dance and again, like an angel out of Heaven, Jessie was there. I excused myself from Mark (clean forgetting about my need to visit the loo), walked up to Jessie, interlocked his fingers with mine and gave him a decent kiss. He knew something was amiss, so he played along. Mark never did actually approach me at the table we were sitting for a dance. I walked Jessie out to his car (he’s working this morning) but eventually when Rachel and I went to go and have a loose dance, Mark grabbed me for a dance, and she wondered off back to Kyle. Mark tried to make polite conversation while we were dancing asking how long I’ve known Rachel. When I told him I’ve known her since primary school, he changed the subject to enquire as to if I know how they met. I say she told me that it was through work, and he says, yes, through the wonder of the internet. Rachel and I kind of pieced the pieces together in the car on the way home this morning. All the emailing back and forth for work is how they met on the internet.

After he had finished dancing with me he asked Rachel for another and then while they were dancing, asked her if they could get together for coffee. Audacity seems something he does have quite a bit of, doesn’t it. As she still has to do work for him, she couldn’t be downright rude, so declined politely stating that she already had plans. When we looked again, he and Linda were gone.

We eventually left when the club at 04:30 when it closed and Kyle walked us to the car. He asked her for her number, and as is our policy, she told him she doesn’t give her number out, but he’s welcome to give her his. So he took the phone out of her hand, keyed in his number, and then, very slyly missed called his phone from hers. It is very apparent that Kyle is very taken with Rachel. Seems Fred was right – she does have something…

9 thoughts on “G.N.O.

  1. theonlycin May 30, 2010 / 12:22 pm

    Oh to be young and free again…

    • Mid-Thirty Misfit May 30, 2010 / 1:13 pm

      It was fun Cin, but I am honest when I say I’m getting way too old to pull all-nighters

  2. Adeeyoyo May 31, 2010 / 8:30 am

    Nice night out after all – for Rachel at any rate. 🙂

    • Mid-Thirty Misfit June 13, 2010 / 9:53 pm

      Yip Adeeyoyo, she got her guy – they are now officially together.

  3. Lyndatjie May 31, 2010 / 5:42 pm

    Sjoe woman… I’m tired just reading this!!! You have way too much energy for me.

  4. colonialist May 31, 2010 / 9:25 pm

    You certainly don’t seem to put in much effort in the sleep department! The Pommie act must come in useful on occasion!

    • Mid-Thirty Misfit June 13, 2010 / 9:52 pm

      Col – believe me, I was utterly and completed exhausted. I’m getting too old for all nighters. The pommie act does have its advantages, but keeping it up sometimes proves a tad difficult.

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