100 Random Facts about Me

Lord knows, I have a small heart at the best of times…and when, as is the case today, the rain is falling, that small heart becomes nostalgic…

For some reason I decided to read some of the posts on my very first blog…

I have had a good laugh at this post written in 2008 – some changes…now in blue.  Amazing how some things haven’t changed at all.

1.  I was born in Johannesburg and lived there ‘til I was nine

2.  I love all my friends because “all my friends are misfits”.

3.  I have a thing for older men, especially if they are named David (Caruso, Tennant, Beckam, Duchovny…” This is still true 😉

4.  My friends all call me “girl”, “chick”, “babe”, Meisiekind, Little One, Short Stop and “P”

5.  Best physical attribute, according to the majority is my eyes.

6.  Best other attribute, according to the majority, is my bubbly personality. I like to think of it being my personality and open heart.

7.  I have a total love affair with my bed. Nothing like an extra-late-lie-in on a Sunday morning, especially.

8.  I love sexy pajamas, even though I’m the only one that ever gets to take them off 😉

9.  I love my red accessories – they are my license to be a little sassy ‘n fun. I’m not so struck on red anymore – I’m more into blue now.

10.  Anything with more than four legs freaks me out.

11.  I am currently studying (and hope to finish by July next year) for an internationally accredited Diploma in Imports and Exports. Still have one subject to go… got sidetracked when I decided to pursue my true passion of writing.  I completed a novel writing course (with distinction).  My manuscript is about half way now.

12.  I am an only child. Spoiled, yes, but not spoiled rotten.

13.  My biggest dream is to become a bestselling author.

14.  I constantly suffer from a brain itch.  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is when a song gets stuck in your head and you can’t get it out.  My brain itch today is none other than “I kissed a girl and I liked it”.  More recently my brain itch has been “She’s not There” by The Zombies – whenever I see the Chanel perfume ad on TV I turn the volume up LOUD.

15.  I have been working for the same company for over a decade, and, on most days, I love my job. Left said job in 2009 and now work for a company that treats me well and that allows me sufficient creative freedom to think out of the box.  I have amazing colleagues, who are actually more like family.  I am very grateful to be able to work here.

16.  I’m an insatiable flirt.  Flirting got me into a seriously uncomfortable situation, so while I can be an insatiable flirt, it is usually with men I trust now.

17.  I want to visit at least one place on every single continent before I die.  The first being Buenos Aires in South America so that I can tango in the cobblestone streets with a tall, dark, mysterious stranger.

18.  Building jigsaw puzzles with friends over a bottle of wine or two is really great therapy.  Something I haven’t done in years.  Lately my therapy involves watching reruns of Bones with a special friend, or going for a walk with my neighbour and her dog, or visiting my folks, or simply going to sit next to a body of water and meditating.

19.  I can be very adept in the kitchen, but I have to be in the mood.  This is still true, but the kitchen in my flat is tiny, so I don’t really cook anything spectacular from there.  If I am in the mood I will cook up a storm at my parents’ house.

20.  I love to entertain. Because I love the sound of laughter and embrace the memories that are made.

21.  I’m a person who is forever trying to please all the people, all the time, much to my own detriment.  Still true, but I have learnt how to distinguish who is worth wanting to please and who isn’t.

22.  I have a warped sense of humour. It’s genetic…

23.  I can’t live without my toothbrush – it goes everywhere with me, even to work.

24.   I run my own part-time business. And it’s doing damn well!

25.  I have lost 13 Kg in just over 9 months and I’ve adjusted my habits to keep it off, and, even if I say so myself, I look so good.  Damn!  Total is now 18 Kg off – not training as hard as I used to, but due to injury, not laziness.

26.  I would walking on the beach.

27.  The two people I love most in this world are my parents.

28.  I’m addicted to word games and 30 Seconds

29.  I love to have a Sunday afternoon nap aka “reading the paper”, but I can’t sleep if there isn’t physically a news paper in the house.  I can SO sleep on a Sunday, newspaper in the house or not!

30.  Reading is probably my favourite hobby.  Not anymore, writing is my favourite hobby, followed by weight training, walking on the beach, watching Bones (and in no particular order).

31.  My favourite music comes from an era when my mom was a child – anything 60’s ‘n 70’s totally floats my boat.  14 above is proof of this 😀

32.  I have a song that reminds me of every friend I have.

33.  My dream car is a silver Lexus.

34.  If I didn’t have to wear shoes, I wouldn’t – yet, I have a about 60 pairs.

35.  My best party mates are two really hot guys called José and Jack.  Jack is still around on the odd occassion, but José – I can’t handle that Mexican anymore.  I have grown up…

36.  As long as I live, I will never put my lips to Southern Comfort again.

37.  I am superstitious in some aspects.  Not anymore – a friend of mine told me, “The God that we serve is bigger than any stupid superstition P.  Have faith!”

38.  When I have my own home one day, I will have a weeping willow in the garden with a tyre swing hanging from the branches.

39.  The most timeless musicians in my opinion are Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.

40.  I love vanilla ice cream and my own home-made one.

41.  I would rather eat rice before I eat meat.  I hardly ever eat any starch anymore.  I still love a good steak.

42.  I have a Certificate in Bilingualism.

43.  I have had my tea leaves read on the odd occasion, with some freaky (and very true) revelations.  I had my Tarot Cards read after the leaves with some freaky (and very true) revelations, but haven’t partaken in anything “occult-based” for over 4 years.  My future has been planned by God.  That is all I need to know.

44.  My very first kiss was another girl, called Mary.

45.  My pet hate is someone adjusting my car radio when I have turned it up to sing along to a really cool song.

46.  I have a tendency to start a new hobby with a flourish, but become bored very quickly.

47.  The best gifts my parents have given me are forgiveness and acceptance.

48.  The best summer meal is Woolies’ Pickled Fish on fresh bread.  Or a Woolies’ Cheese Platter, Crackers and Wine with my friends.

49.  I own a watch that is worth more than any of my other jewellery – and I didn’t pay for it myself.  It was a gift.  Now it is a ring – also a gift.

50.  I think cows have the most beautiful and expressive eyes.

51.  I love butterflies.

52.  I adore a medium-rare sirloin steak, or a fillet fromage

53.  I love horseriding, but haven’t done it for ages due to a back injury

54.  The most beautiful sight, in my opinion, is a father spending quality time with his children.

55.  I was blond – for less than 24 hours

56.  I am a hoarder of note.  I am not so much anymore, now that I have to tidy up after myself.

57.  I’m a rather emotional person

58.  I haven’t had a pay increase in 19 months.  Thank goodness my current employer increases my salary annually in October 🙂

59.  Some of my favourite movies are:  The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Hand that Rocks the Cradle,  Dirty Dancing, Step Up, Bed of Roses and Fatal Attraction.  I do not do horror movies, at all.

60.  My favourite foods are Mom’s Cottage Pie and Dad’s Curry

61.  A Steers Chocolate Milkshake always puts my life back into perspective.  I can’t remember when last I needed this specific perspective.  These days I just write to get perspective.

62.  Some members of my extended family are only alive because it is illegal to kill them.

63.  The same applies for my boss My PREVIOUS boss, not my current one.

64.  My favourite dog is a Basset Hound and my favourite cat is a Burmese

65.  If I had my way, I would own a farm and have genetically modified pets – they’d all be babies.  Because no baby animal, even a hyena, is ugly.

66.  I will camp, provided I don’t have to sleep on the floor.

67.  I drink full-cream milk in my coffee, but skim milk over my cereal  I don’t do cereal anymore, I do Herbalife shakes, but yes, made with skim milk.

68.  I am super-talkative.

69.  My favourite saying is, “blah, blah, fishpaste”

70.  I am a sucker for buttermilk rusks

71.  I love to stretch my arms ’til my elbows crack

72. Singing karaoke is great fun!

73.  I could do with a holiday right now…

74.  My cousin, Louise, taught me to ride a bike.

75.  I am an autumn person.

76.  I enjoy a good massage.

77.  I can’t go to bed if I haven’t had a cup of Rooibos tea

78.  I am not sporty at all.  I absolutely love the gym, but can’t train as much as I’d like.

79.  I am addicted to glossy magazines.  These days I’m addicted to proper dinkum books – not digital ones.  Magazines have lost their appeal.

80.  I drive an Opel Corsa.  I drive a Ford Figo

81.  I can’t remember when last I listened to the radio in my car because there is always a disc of some sort in it.

82.  I have a secret crush on Tony Blair.  I have a secret crush on David Boreanaz (OMW – ANOTHER David…see 3 above)

83.  I collect wristwatches.

84.  I try to show the same amount of respect to everyone I meet

85.  I drove in Jo’burg for the first time earlier this year.

86.  I found my matric farewell dress the other day – and…it almost fits.  It would fit me now, given the weight I’ve lost, but I gave it away.

87.  I have character defects and I’m not afraid to use them.

88.  Just when I’m about to make ends meet, someone moves the ends.  It always felt like that, but these days, older and wiser, I know that everything that happens to me will work out for my good, and I stand firm on that promise.

89.  I have a headache.  I have a torn meniscus in my knee.  Going for an op next year 🙂

90.  I used to sing in the church choir.

91.  I’m inclined to see only the good in people, often to my own detriment.

92.  I detest getting dirt under my nails, so I’m definitely not into gardening.

93.  I try to learn something new every day

94.  My father brought me the most gorgeous leather jacket in Italy…in an almost brown-ox-blood. I bought myself a pair of green sandals for summer.

95.  Mom’s nickname for me is “chickpea” and Dad’s is “girlie”

96.  My heart breaks when I see sad children and

97.  When the elderly are ill-treated and

98.  When people are cruel to animals

99.   I never carry tissues with me – even to funerals

100.  I can persevere when I need to.




2 thoughts on “100 Random Facts about Me

  1. Pussycat44 December 29, 2016 / 1:42 pm

    Quite a list you have there. I have been driving a few Opels since 1984. Now I have an oldish Corsa. David Caruso can put his shoes under my bed anytime 🙂

    • Mid-Thirty Misfit January 2, 2017 / 11:44 am

      I don’t drive an Opel anymore. I’m a Ford gal…for now, anyway,

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